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job seeking, no good

Discussion in 'General' started by ninjaskull, 17 Jul 2005.

  1. bengaskell

    bengaskell Banned

    4 Nov 2003
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    Listen mate, I'm not being rude, or maybe I am but there is work out there and you need less than half a brain to get it. If your CV stands out then chances are it will be read. Your CV has to have what the company wants to hear. If you cant even answer the 'Why do you want to work here?' questions then as a shopper I am glad you are not employed. I'm not having a go, but my sister is also 16 now and looking for a job and waited like everyone else till now to apply. I was working with a paper round, then retail, then kitchen work, then bar staff, now employed in London by a music studio doing ICT Network admin and webdesign. At 18 too. I love to work and work is what everyone will need to do, so my little bit of advice is stop being a child (not you personally) and become mature quickly. I dont mean wish your life away but be that 16 year old that everyone thought was older because of the way they acted and spoke.

    If you need a job for the money why not try and approach something you are interested in as well as interest. Get a yellow pages, circle all places you think you would be successfull, then write the address/tel in a database, send each a CV, a few days later do the rounds on the phone and hope for some luck. If not, repeat untill someone says yes. Otherwise practise your signature while drunk, otherwise you cant cash your giro...

    Not a go, but a rant...

  2. Guest-16

    Guest-16 Guest

    Sell yourself, love the company you're gonna work for etc and do like Kna said, BS that you wanna kiss their ass.

    I just tried applying for a Job as a Forensic Criminalist in LA (45-53k/pa), but i have to be a US citizen to apply :( ********! I have the qualifications too and it's exactly the job i want! :(:(
  3. P2D

    P2D 99.999% Pure Spam!

    26 Mar 2004
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    CV cookies, just like the fortune cookies, and remember, everyone loves cookies.

    damn. runined my name then.
  4. fuzzball172

    fuzzball172 What's a Dremel?

    29 Sep 2003
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    Having just been through a recruitment project, I had to read through dozens of CVs... Things I found

    • I usually got bored after page 2, and started skimming
    • I'm not that bothered what happened in school, just the exams and grades (and padding a weak CV with meaningless school certificates does'nt work)
    • Experience in RELAVENT jobs / activities. If possible tailor your CV to the specific job
    • Write a brief introduction about yourself and your strengths. What you write is'nt as important as how you see yourself. This intro is a good opportuity to sell yourself to the reader.
    • Spelling, grammar and layout. Make it easy to read, clean and uncluttered.

    If you get as far as an interview, they always ask a few standard questions in various forms...

    • Why do you want to work with us? - Be honest, as an interviewer, I've heard the schpiel and buzz-words and the TLA type answers. The guy who got the job was honest. His reply was, I'm not happy where I am, I'm looking for somewhere I can progress (or words to that effect) suffice to say the guys telling me how dynamic, fast paced and cutting edge the company is, did not impress me.
    • Give an example of (insert job function) that went well / or u dropped a clanger on - Prepare answers, you will get asked this type of question... If they ask about an incident where u made a mistake, or things went pear-shaped, be honest... I'd rather know I was dealing with someone who could admit they were wrong and had the balls to ask for help, than waste my time trying to work out what went wrong and then how to fix it when you tried to hide the mistake
    • What would you bring to this organisation? - reseach helps here, find out about the company, know what they do and try and think of some way you can help / be useful... its an awkward question to answer but a little forward thinking helps

    Basically do your homework - spend a little time finding out about the job, know what you are going to say in advance and try to make a noticable impression...

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