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Electronics just a simple question

Discussion in 'Modding' started by 1-Man-Army, 5 Jan 2004.

  1. 1-Man-Army

    1-Man-Army What's a Dremel?

    21 Dec 2003
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    u no those old led displays on the old comps, i got one of those and i wanted to ask what would i need to get this thing to read temps in C
    btw the thing use only pins and it has 3 parts with the number 8 on them u no what i mean right??? basicly im asking how to build the circuit. thx for the help btw how come my search doesnt work i get an error??? :lol:
  2. whypick1

    whypick1 The über-Pick

    17 Oct 2002
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    Unfortunately, it's not that easy of a process. I remember one schematic for something fairly similar (it was a gallons/minute readout), but the site's down, and I deleted the local copy I had. But I do remember the parts for the most part:

    The input was a flow-meter, whose output frequency was directly related to the amount of water being pushed through it. What you'd have to do is take the output of a thermistor, and run it through a voltage->frequency converter. The frequency output would be fed into a combination BCD (binary coded decimal; a 4 digit binary number is used for each digit in decimal) counter/SSD (seven segment display; or the LED readout in question) driver. Besides this, it'd need to be fed a fairly stable, but more importantly, fast clock to reset the counter. The reason a fast clock is needed is because the SSD driver uses multiplexing; there are outputs for each of the seven-segments and an output to turn on a digit. The fast clock is needed so that the display looks solid as opposed to each digit flashing on and off.

    If this just confused the hell out of you, you might want to consider forgetting about this until you learn a wee bit more about electronics.

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