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Electronics Just Ordered 200 SMD LEDs off of Ebay

Discussion in 'Modding' started by ConKbot of Doom, 2 Feb 2007.

  1. ConKbot of Doom

    ConKbot of Doom Minimodder

    2 Jul 2003
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    big mosfets you say?

    (ok, they are actually IGBTs...)

    at first I was planning on using a stepper motor to synchronousley step and update the LEDs, ala.. step, new column, step, new column, step, new column.

    But it changed to just finding where the beginning of the scan was, and scanning at a constant rate and keeping the speed constant.

    Since using a stepper motor is so unlikely, I'll get a small DC motor, and put a rubber/plastic wheel on the bottom of the spinning arm, and use friction drive to reduce the speed.
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