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Gaming Konami shows off new open world Metal Gear Solid

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by brumgrunt, 31 Aug 2012.

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    5 Feb 2011
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    20 Nov 2005
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    I disliked Raiden. Not because he looked/acted like a girl (Not in the acceptable actually a girl way, the unacceptable 12 year old girl around something "gross" way), but because he was almost the polar opposite to Snake (I think best exemplified when Snake gives him the sword with the sort of "Don't want that ****" attitude, and Raiden takes it as a cue to do a dance or something equally not cool.

    The series, all the way back to 1987, has been Solid Snake/Big Boss affairs, and the two characters (While different) play very much the same way. It's how I like my Metal Gear.

    However. I can see the need for plot progression. Given that the Metal Gear plot line has had very specific dates for each setting, and the gaps have usually been fleshed out quite well (MGS4:GotP Database), Snake has to "go away" at some stage. We can't live in Snakes world over and over. We've been playing with Solid Snake for over 20 years at this point, I think it's horribly unreasonable to expect that they just re-make the same games over and over (As much as I'd love to play MGS on the MGS4:GotP engine..).

    MGS4:GotP Raiden seemed more grown up, and I'm hoping that same character has come through in Revengeace. If he's more of that and less of MGS2:SoL Raiden, then I don't see an issue.
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    15 May 2010
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    Well the entire MGS storyline decided, the reason people were happy to play as big boss is because it fit within what was already developed. Raiden just didn't belong, he was some random person introduced as the lead character in one of the greatest franchises ever, if they wanted to introduce him he should of been a grey fox esq character.

    So while there is no direct problem with the character, it's just the way they brought him into the series that annoyed people and unfortunately the toon took the flak

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