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Koolance heatsink with bitspower water tank-z. HELP

Discussion in 'Watercooling' started by Marquee, 29 Sep 2015.

  1. Marquee

    Marquee Mac Pro Modder

    22 Jul 2005
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    Hey guys I am planing on build a new system to be my personal rig. I really wanted to use a Koolance mounting bracket for DDC and Koolance heatsink with bitspower tank again. I was wonder if anyone knows if these four parts would work together.

    Koolance DDC Heatsink (HTS-PMP400)

    Koolance DDC Mount from COV-RP400

    Bitspower ClearAcrylic 100 upgrade kit

    Bitspower Magic Cube DDC mod top

    So the idea would be to use the Koolance mounting system and heatsink with a Bitspower DDC res top. I think its been done with EK DDC top before and wondering if the screws where long enough too reach?

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