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Windows L4D Tricks

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by sorvas, 8 Jan 2009.

  1. steveo_mcg

    steveo_mcg What's a Dremel?

    26 May 2005
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    I was under the impression that the infected you were died if you were to become the tank. My smoker has definitely popped once or twice but i've never noticed as a hunter, probably because i don't spawn till i'm about to attack so when i get switched to tank my hunter is still in limbo.
  2. Bauul

    Bauul Sir Bongaminge

    7 Apr 2007
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    It's an exploit, I guess Valve reasoned there was no reason to kill an AI character if the player leaves/spectates/becomes a tank etc. They probably just didn't reason that people would just go hunter/spectator/hunter/spectator etc. and suddenly have 10 AI hunters running around.
  3. benjamyn

    benjamyn What's a Dremel?

    11 May 2002
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    The jumping down from the start of No mercy is a stupid thing, rarely do I see it working and on versus or online campaign it just means the group has been downed one player if (and it usually happens) they die, making it tougher.

    The ledge thing is very annoying because any dumbass/es who go up there won't come for you if you're downed by a hunter or snared by a smoker so you're doomed even though you would have been fine if they played the game properly.

    The breakable shutter one I've seen seems to do more damage than good, specially on versus where I've seen people constantly trying to break through, getting attacked by boomers, hunters, smokers etc while me and anyone else going the proper route don't have too much to deal with. And unless I've never seen it being done properly, just by noobs, it seems very time consuming as I was able to get down to the shutter to open it before they got through it their glitchey way, the cherry picker down to the warehouse, really isn't that difficult.

    The other trick I've seen on versus is moving the forklift and another yellow object thing to make blockages the survivors can't get past. The most notable ones being moving the forklift in the warehouse of the 2nd level of No mercy so they can't get through and moving the yellow thing in front of the lift in the 4th level so they can't get out unless they all constantly melee it (which most teams never do/think of donig) it's such a cheap and worthless tactic. The first time i discovered it I moved it infront of the lift thinkign it was funny but then realised how boring and unfair it makes it. So now when I see someone on my team moving an obstacle to block the survivors I move it out the way again.

    Funny story: Some guy on my team was a boomer and was setting up the blockage in front of the lift on No mercy's hospital level so I went up as a hunter, spawned, moved it out the way while he was working on another one which is just near the part where you can fall off the hospital down below. Then when that obstacle was clear I preceeded to move to his new blockage location, i couldn't get through to the side he was on as he was pushing it in the way (to stop the survivors)
    Me > X | O B< Boomer pushing obstacle towards open archway.
    So I asked him to let me through first so he stopped pushing it towards the doorway/opening and i pushed it back a bit to get past. Then told him he was a pathetic noob and hit him once so he was near the edge of the building, them hit him again sending him off the building to his death, I then moved the blockade out of the way of the doorway.
    He tried to kick me but it failed, I then called a vote to kick him and he was sent packing :D

    I don't see the point in trying all these glitches and tricks to skip parts of the levels, why stop there? there should be a warp inside the safe room that take you to the end of the campaign!

    Still none of these glitches or tricks annoy me as much as team-killers, quitters and other idiots on versus.
    Quitting because they are either in a pickle. IE - trapped by a smoker because they ran off ahead or didn't keep up with the team. and the team hasn't got to them yet.
    Or quitting because all they want is to be the infected, why should they have to play as the survivors for once and take the damage they've dealt out?
    Then there's the team-killers, who are like the quitters, can't handle being survivors so they try to kill everyone in the team so the round is over as quick as possible.

    other idiots include the likes of people who seem to think, on versus, that camping at a spot like in the bathrooms on the 3rd level of No mercy, or even staying in the safe room is the best thing to do to win. It's not bloody kill/time based! Morons! You also get the people that hesitate to move on and move the pace of a 90 year old snail going up a mountain, thinking this is the best tactic.

    Despite all these problems, I still enjoy Left 4 Dead very much and play it regularly :D

    Edit - just joined a game (versus) where one survivor has died and guess who quit and I joined as! First thing on screen said I was dead... great.
    Also the other survivors are just sitting in the lift, blocked in by the yellow generator, thinking that shooting it will get them out.
    Last edited: 9 Jan 2009
  4. Delphium

    Delphium Eyefinity enabled

    18 Mar 2007
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    Ive only had L4D since xmas, but can you select which infected class you spawn as then? As from what I had gathered it was purely random each time you died :confused:
  5. badders

    badders Neuken in de Keuken

    4 Dec 2007
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    No, but hunter's the most common. The AI Director will only allow one boomer and one smoker (and one Tank, but only at certain points), the other two players are normally hunters.
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