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    I placed an order about a week and a half ago, at the time the item was listed as out of stock and due to be in stock by the 10th January. This was not a problem so I went ahead an ordered the item anyway. I called closer to the 10th to see if there was any news or indeed if the item had come in early, no such luck but fair enough. The 10th came and there was still no news approaching 5pm, I gave a call to see if there was a problem and was told that there were three trucks delivering and the item may be on them but the chance of delivery on the 11th was unlikely.

    The 11th came and by lunchtime there was still no news and when I called I was told to keep checking the website, at some point the website was updated to say "item overdue since the 10th". I find it incredibly difficult to understand how a company is not able to provide more information. Scan must be in contact with their suppliers why is it not possible to provide an explanation or an estimate of when the item is likely to arrive?

    I understand problems occur but to be told our team is in contact with MSI and to not actually be given any information about what is going on is beyond poor. Are they entirely out of stock themselves? Are they behind schedule on their deliveries? Are they having issues with couriers etc.

    I have ordered a 6GB 1060 from MSI twin frozr (not gaming X version).

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