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Peripherals Laptop DVD PATA to SATA Bridge ?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Buck_Rogers25, 12 Aug 2011.

  1. Buck_Rogers25

    Buck_Rogers25 What's a Dremel?

    6 Feb 2002
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    Hi there,

    Got a bit of an issue that I could do with some help with. I have a Samsung t082a slot load dvd drive designed for a laptop I was planning on using for a mod. Unfortunately it's a PATA drive, so I'm going to need a bridge and a converter. I've managed to salvage a PATA bridge from another laptop, but now I need a converter for that Bridge to take it to SATA *sighs*.

    At this point I'm almost tempted to go out and buy another slimline slot load drive with a SATA connector and converter, rather than daisy chaining converters onto this PATA one, but I'm on a tight budget here. I was hoping I might be able to find the right bridge/converter for a few pounds. Has anyone come across this before.

    My google fu is exhausted, I can't seem to find any conveters for this, only internal laptop connectors. I'll post some pics later when I get in.
  2. Bloody_Pete

    Bloody_Pete Technophile

    11 Aug 2008
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    Is it a standard IDE connector or some weird one? If its a weird one your going to be out of luck. If its an IDE you can get a simple connector/converter, but I think they're more like £20 or so...
  3. IvanIvanovich

    IvanIvanovich будет глотать вашу душу.

    31 Aug 2008
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    If it has a standard slimline atapi connector, there are some adapter boards that take it to usb. Opticals are so slow it shouldn't matter that much. Not sure where you might find one in the UK, but they often have them at itx oriented shops here in the states for $9.
    If you don't want to go that route, the Addonics ADSATAPISA might be the only choice for a straight atapi to sata adapter board but are quite a bit more expensive.

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