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Electronics [Laptop screen] How-To???

Discussion in 'Modding' started by white modder, 14 Feb 2004.

  1. excogitation

    excogitation What's a Dremel?

    5 Jan 2007
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    Did anybody ever get this VAFC to TFT to work?

    VFC to TFT is working, supposed you have the "right" TFT
    (not to forget the soldering skills, no datasheet-reading disability :p),
    and then it's 'only' supporting 8 bit colour depth.

    Do you have a list of graphic cards with VAFC connector so I can
    find one on ebay to give it a shot.
  2. HisInfernalMajesty

    HisInfernalMajesty What's a Dremel?

    20 Jun 2006
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    This thread looks dead, but I' m gonna try posting anyway.
    I found the pinout for the lcd:
    Pin: symbol: function: Polarity:
    1 VDD Power Supply: +3.3V
    2 VDD Power Supply: +3.3V
    3 GND ground
    4 GND ground
    5 IN0- transmission data of pixels 0 neg
    6 IN0+ transmission data of pixels 0 pos
    7 IN1- transmission data of pixels 1 neg
    8 IN1+ transmission data of pixels 1 pos
    9 IN2- transmission data of pixels 2 neg
    10 IN2+ transmission data of pixels 2 pos
    11 CLK- sampling clock
    12 CLK+ sampling clock

    would I be able to connect this to a VESA connector?
  3. Warrior_Rocker

    Warrior_Rocker Holder of the sacred iron

    26 Jun 2005
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    Sounds like the pinouts for a 24bit LVDS panel. Resoultion 1024x768?

    IIRC the guy who was making the vesa adapter gave up in the end just because it was so hard, Trust me when I say this. As much as it would thrill me to see you be able to hook up that panel. Seriously grab a cheap old viewsonic or something and drive it via VGA. Because even if you get the panel going through the VESA interface IIRC, it would only be in 8bit color or something along those lines.

    .. wish it was more.
  4. networkzac

    networkzac What's a Dremel?

    26 Jul 2010
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