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News Latest Steam Hardware Survey shows gains for AMD

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by bit-tech, 7 Oct 2020.

  1. bit-tech

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    12 Mar 2001
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  2. Guest-44432

    Guest-44432 Guest

    I can only see things getting better for AMD with the launch of Zen 3, and the likes of more partners having AMD in their Laptops/Google chromebooks which will start to take a bite at the CPU & GPU market share Intel & Nvidia currently hold the titles.

    From this podcast, it seems Nvidia are not happy with AIB's using AMD in their future products.
    Also seems that this was the case with board partner XFX when they started producing Radeon cards, Nvidia didn't take a liking to it, and XFX was no longer producing Nvidia cards.

  3. David

    David μoʍ ɼouმ qᴉq λon ƨbԍuq ϝʁλᴉuმ ϝo ʁԍɑq ϝμᴉƨ

    7 Apr 2009
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    Nvidia displaying anti-competitive behaviour? Say it isn't so! :p
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