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News Latest WGA deletes wallpaper

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Guest-16, 28 Aug 2008.

  1. crazybob

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    21 Oct 2004
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    Glad to see you read your own article.
    Sounds pretty much exactly like I described it. The "DRM" included in Vista does not remove any of your rights, or restrict what you are able to do in any way. The "DRM" included in Vista provides you with more abilities. Go ahead and pick your favorite DRM-free OS - this could be Linux or Windows XP. If you want to play unprotected video content (content like a DVD, with no DRM), then either Vista or XP will behave just fine: The new infrastructure in Vista doesn't disable anything you were previously able to do. Now, pick up a shiny new BluRay disk, loaded up with DRM. On Vista, it'll play perfectly at full resolution. On XP, if it plays at all, it'll play at half- or quarter-resolution. Yes, I think DRM is bad and yes, I understand that Vista is enabling it. However, if Microsoft hadn't included that framework in Vista, the content producers would still have used DRM. You'd just have to play your movies on a consumer electronics player, because your computer wouldn't be able to.

    Oh, I won't deny that there are uses for quad-cores. As you say, video encoding makes good use, as do a lot of photo and video editing programs. However, most people don't use those programs, or at least not often. And look around Bit-Tech; how many people do you see with quad-core gaming systems? I wasn't trying to claim there's no point to a quad, just that it's a waste of money for most people.
  2. koola

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    11 Jul 2004
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    It does if your not HDCP enabled as this guy found out.

    However MS phrase their "content protection infrastructure", we all know it's DRM with a different name.
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