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Legal discrimination is getting deadly all around me...

Discussion in 'Serious' started by KayinBlack, 21 Apr 2016.

  1. KayinBlack

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    2 Jul 2004
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    We all know these laws are terrible, though those of you across the pond probably don't stay up on them like the stateside members do. They're scaring the ever living **** out of me-it's every state touching mine but Florida, and I'm sure Governor Naked Mole Rat is cooking something up.

    I came out as transgender in January, and I have to be damn careful who I tell, where I dress as my real gender and even what I buy and where I buy it. We don't even have a law like it yet. I generally have to continue to pass as a man even though I know it's wrong for me and hurting my mental state. The only truly safe place I found where I can be me is a mental ward, so I've taken three trips this year.

    If you're stateside, bug the hell out of your senators, your congressmen, your house whatever they ares, your governors, and our great president. Outside the country, would you please tell your leaders to hold the US responsible in no uncertain terms-don't write letters, embargo trade or something.

    I already feel like there's something wrong with me because of my upbringing. But I do have enough self-respect that I don't want people taking my legal rights. Or what scraps of dignity I possess. In a perfect world, I could feel fine with however I felt I should be. Unfortunately, in this one it's closing in that I will be a criminal for how my brain (and breasts) is made.

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