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Levicom PSUs ?? Anyone know about them....

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by El_JimBob, 10 Feb 2004.

  1. El_JimBob

    El_JimBob What's a Dremel?

    28 Dec 2003
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    Was eyeballing the Antec PSUs but seemed a little expensive for me - these Levicom ones seem to be an underground hit on various forums. Cant find too many reviews, but here are the specs of their 500W XAlien model:
    +3,3 V: 28A
    +5,0 V: 30A
    +12,0 V: 34A
    -5 V: 0,3A
    -12 V: 0,8A
    +5Vsb: 2,0A
    1500 - 2500 RPM 20,8 - 31,0 dBA
    the combined 5 and 3.3 rail puts out a max of 200W, whilst the 12 rail supposedly has a max of around 400 odd watts !! :)
    What do u peeps think of this - look like a good bet? Anyone have any experience using these PSUs? I can get one of these for aboot £60.

    theres a review here: http://www.nordichardware.com/reviews/PSU/2003/roundup2/index.php?ez=11

    One funny thing tho, Planetmicro are selling a remarkably similar model, branded 'EYE-T' for around £35. COuld this be the same PSU?

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