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Hardware Lian-Li V350

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Tim S, 17 Oct 2007.

  1. pendragon

    pendragon I pickle they

    14 May 2004
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    After reading this review, I declare the word of the day to be: "Thunk"!

    also, dosen't seem like it's a better choice than a Shuttle box.. ah well.. looks nice at least :)
  2. fathazza

    fathazza Freed on Probation

    20 May 2002
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    i was holding out for one of these but plumped for a thermaltake lanbox lite instead cos i couldnt be bothered waiting and it was half the price.

    Glad i made that choice now, which is ironic seeing as its a thermaltake product...

    id imagine like has been said above that most of those thermal issues could be solved with some better fans or moving to lapland
  3. TerFar

    TerFar Terry

    15 Nov 2008
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    I am delighted with my V350 (silver). It is water cooled (Reserator), with an Asus P5QL-EM, C2Duo E8500, 4GB Black Dragon PC2-8500, 2 x 500GB drives, Radeon HD4850, Bluetooth DVD player, LGE DVD rewriter and Hiper modular PSU.

    I've kept 1 x 120cm fan (silent running) to ensure sufficient airflow to cool the memory and remaining mobo components.

    Don't worry about the side entry external drive bays as the drives can be fitted either side of the case.

    It wasn't a cheap setup but I enjoyed building it, it works really well and looks fantastic.
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