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Photos Libya conflict: 30 dramatic pictures by Goran Tomasevic

Discussion in 'Photography, Art & Design' started by PHILIP1193, 21 Mar 2011.

  1. PHILIP1193

    PHILIP1193 a Self Confessed HP Server Lover!!

    8 Dec 2004
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    Hey All,

    While im not advocating the war in Libya, nor am i endorsing the glorification it, i did take a morbid sense or curiosity toward 30 photos on the telegraph newspaper website from the front line.

    I will warm people, there are some "strong" imagery in there, people shot, bombs, explosions (as you'd expect from a war), so those easily offended don't look.

    For those of you who can appreciate the photography element of these, i'd like your thoughts on them.

    personally i found them every good, and the rawr emotions captured from peoples faces are compelling - joy, anger, loss, bemusement, stress, fraughtness and fear

    Here is the link to them...


    /Discuss the photos not whether the war is right or wrong.

  2. Threefiguremini

    Threefiguremini What's a Dremel?

    13 Sep 2009
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    :jawdrop: Some incredible images there I agree. I have always felt a little odd about war photography. I suppose it does have the ability to change the world's perception of a conflict (see Vietnam)....

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