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LinkSyS router acting dodgy

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by Canadian_minx, 24 Jul 2007.

  1. Canadian_minx

    Canadian_minx What's a Dremel?

    25 Mar 2006
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    Greetings, usually I turn to my boyfriend to instruct me on router-related issues but he's on holiday with family and I'm a bit over my head.

    My router is a LinkSyS and has had a series of issues lately ranging from it's memory being stuck at 94% used no matter what is done to it it also boots us randomly off (my mother and I are the only computers on it). I've tried removing the QoS, lowering it, restarting the router, unplugging it for the night, played with the mac address, more restarting and several other things. It also seems to have difficulty remembering some settings like when I removed things from the QoS then after a restart they're back, they're removed again and I set skype out and wow as the only two things, saved it and then the original QoS list returns. I haven't checked since the last restart what it's set at at the moment as I'm just thankful it works lol

    It only just now allowed me on but the memory is still at a mentally unstable amount and I'm afraid once my mother loads of World of warcraft with or without me playing it, that she'll kill what stablity we have.

    Any help for me would be great, just keep in mind I'm pretty new to networking period lol:wallbash:

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