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Education Linux Foundation Certifications

Discussion in 'General' started by Byron C, 10 Jan 2019.

  1. Byron C

    Byron C Over-reacting and over-analysing since 1982

    12 Apr 2002
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    I'm possibly looking at going for the Linux Foundation Certified Engineer cert, does anyone have any experience with this that they can share? Specifically training/courses, other than the official training sold alongside the exam. I've bought a course on Udemy to test the waters, but so far the guy is basically just rattling through lists of commands and isn't the most engaging presenter (to say the least).

    I know RedHat certs are more widely recognised within the industry, but LF certs seem to be more platform-agnostic rather than being tied down to CentOS/RHEL - that feels like it's important when you consider cloud computing, automation, containerisation, etc. Plus the RedHat certs/exams are a lot more expensive than Linux Foundation, and I'm financing this myself rather than having my employer pay!

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