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Education Lip Dub project. Need suggestions from the forum.

Discussion in 'General' started by freshsandwiches, 5 Dec 2012.

  1. freshsandwiches

    freshsandwiches Can I do science to it?

    9 Aug 2009
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    I'm a secondary school teacher in Scotland. My school has launched a project based on this video.

    Our school is much smaller than Shorewood in the video. It's a new build and a school which has been struggling results wise. Our kids lack confidence so this need s to be an uplifting video to show off the new building and boost the kids morale.

    Now we're not doing anything as ambitious as recording it backwards or anything. We're at the planning stage and there are only four teachers involved.

    I thought I'd ask the forum for idea's for the song.

    I'd never heard of the artist and song in the video (Hall & Oates ~ You Make My Dreams Come True) but I'd like one along the same theme, and if possible something that isn't too well known.

    Thanks for taking the time to watch/read this. Any suggestions would be most welcome.


    Edit: lol the band are famous for man eater.
  2. rici1241

    rici1241 Minimodder

    4 Jan 2011
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    You say the students lack confidence. Would something like this fit with the general theme.

  3. Malvolio

    Malvolio .

    14 Dec 2003
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    I've always been a massive fan of Passion Pit, so it should come as little surprise that I'd recommend Take a Walk:

    A Hundred Sinners by The Feeling is rather good as well, though there are some suggestive lyrics (mild alcohol references)

    A little bit more laid back and slow, with a fun story is An Argument With Myself by Jens Lekman. If memory serves there may be some explicit lyrics, but I'm sure either a "clean" version can be found, or you can make it so.

    Somewhat different but a bit fun would be Rabbit!'s song Best Thing I Found.

    April Smith and the Great Picture Show do something quite nice and quirky in their song Colors.

    Don't Stop (Color On The Walls) by Foster The People is quite fantastic as well.

    Cults have one heck of a song with Go Outside, but it is a bit overplayed in the media.

    Hope that gives you something, but if not - and you like the direction I'm going - then let me know, as I can surely dig up another dozen or more like this that may suit your taste and needs a bit better.

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