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News Logitech unveils its Color Collection of gaming accessories

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by bit-tech, 25 Aug 2020.

  1. bit-tech

    bit-tech Supreme Overlord Lover of bit-tech Administrator

    12 Mar 2001
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  2. Osgeld

    Osgeld Minimodder

    9 Jul 2019
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    heh i have a lavender logitech mouse already, says HP on it, its 20+ years old
    That's why I don't get excited about logitech stuff, they have been making most of it for 30 years with only occasional burst of hmm followed by the price of oh, nah (229 for a logitech keyboard lol that's cute)
  3. ModSquid

    ModSquid Multimodder

    16 Apr 2011
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    Yeah, right - a £200 keyboard.

    Plus since when are black and white colours, as such?
  4. Fizzban

    Fizzban Man of Many Typos

    10 Mar 2010
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    I quoted this from somewhere.

    "It depends on how you want to define color. If color is solely the way physics describes it, the visible spectrum of light waves, then black and white are outcasts and don’t count as true, physical colors. Colors like white and pink are not present in the spectrum because they are the result of our eyes’ mixing wavelengths of light. White is what we see when all wavelengths of light are reflected off an object, while pink is a mix of the red and violet wavelengths. Black, on the other hand, is what our eyes see in a space that reflects very little light at all. That’s why, if you enter a room with the lights turned off, everything is dark and black. If you include in the definition of color, however, all of the ways in which human eyes process light and the lack of it, then black and white, as well as pink, earn their places in the crayon box."
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