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News Logitech unveils K830 home-theatre keyboard and trackpad

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Gareth Halfacree, 10 Apr 2014.

  1. jrs77

    jrs77 Modder

    17 Feb 2006
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    Not getting the backlit keyboards. I'm not sitting in a dark room watching videos. I allways have some backlighting on, as it doesn't tire my eyes as much.
    Also, I hate those integrated batteries and rather use AA oor AAA rechargebles, so I'd opt for the TK820, which has the bigger touchpad aswell.
  2. blackworx

    blackworx Cable Wrangler

    31 Jan 2008
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    To be fair, the opening paragraph isn't clear and could easily be read like the placement of the trackpad - as opposed to the addition of a backlight and a slightly modified power source* - is the "new" thing.

    * Presumably a handful of LEDs, a built in rechargeable battery and matching charger explain why it's twice the price of the K400 </sark>
  3. ashchap

    ashchap Minimodder

    28 Feb 2005
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    I've been using the K400 with my HTPC for a few years now and I love it. Rechargeable battery is pointless as 2xAAs last forever (I cant actually remember replacing mine in years), and I'm not interested in backlit keys. The one thing that the K400 is missing is play/pause/skip media keys. It has volume keys but not play/pause/skip. No idea why they thought that was a good idea!
  4. PlayLoud

    PlayLoud What's a Dremel?

    29 Apr 2011
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    The backlit keys and a larger right-shift button are nice. I have the K400, and the shift button sometimes bothers me. If I was typing on the keyboard more, I might consider upgrading. However, since most of my typing is just single finger hunt&peck from my bed, I see no reason to upgrade. Even if my keyboard broke, I don't see myself paying over twice as much for the K830. The K400 works great!

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