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Graphics Looking for I/O bracket for Asus 670GTX DCIIOG

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Meelobee, 28 Dec 2012.

  1. Meelobee

    Meelobee What's a Dremel?

    5 Nov 2003
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    Finally got a new videocard, but unfortunately it suffers from terrible coil whine when it's under load. Underclocking the card reduces the whine a bit, but it's still noticable..

    Because of this I want to RMA the card. But I need a new I/O bracket for it first, because I've cut a part off mine to fit the card in my custom case... and yep that voids the warranty, even though I've properly disconnected the i/o plate before cutting it...

    I know EKWB include a bracket with their 670 blocks, is there anyone here that uses such a block, and still has the original bracket laying around which I could lend or buy?

    Thanks :)

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