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Gaming Lost Planet: Extreme Condition PC

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Tim S, 7 Jul 2007.

  1. Hugo.B

    Hugo.B New Member

    4 May 2007
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    If "3rd" is pronounced "third", that makes "3th" "thuth"
    Thuth person perspective is sounds rather like 4th person perspective...so how would the 4th person view the events of a game?
    I'm not having a joke, I'm just thinking whether it's even possible.

  2. Hamish

    Hamish New Member

    25 Nov 2002
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    4th person is the guy watching you play in 3rd person mode over your shoulder :p
  3. will.

    will. A motorbike of jealousy!

    2 Mar 2005
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    There was a game, seven I think it was called where you played in 2nd person perspective.. ie, the guy your shooting at. Like when you played goldeneye and used to watch the other persons quarter of the screen to know when to blow those remote mines. I always planned on getting it for the GC but I completely forgot about it... I don't think it went down too well in the end.
  4. CardJoe

    CardJoe Freelance Journalist

    3 Apr 2007
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    I remember trying an experimental PC deathmatch game which was played in the 2nd person. It was weird. You looked through the eyes of somebody you couldn't control who was trying to kill you and you knew that your controls were moving your own character around, but you just couldn't see it. It was great for ten minutes - it'd be 9 minutes of suspense and boredom, then 60 seconds of panic and confusion when the two characters happened to catch each other.

    More on topic, this is how game viewpoints break down:

    0st Person: No character controlled or viewed. You play no games and have no friends.
    1st Person: you look through the eyes of one person and control that person. (I.e. Doom, Haze)
    2nd Person: you look through the eyes of another person, but still control the original character (I.e. weird experimental game)
    3rd person: you don't look through the eyes of anyone, are a disembodied entity who observes the character who is controlled. (i.e Tomb Raider, Lost Planet)

    Thats all that is possible in the English language, though when I studied Stylistics at University we did touch upon other possibilities. There are clever ways of tricking into fourth or fifth person in certain poems etc through the use of subtext, but it's generally accepted that it's only possible in other languages and only then in the cases of specific phenomena, based on context.

    Though, I suppose in game terms you could make that a fourth person game is a simulation or RTS game where you view through as a disembodied entity and control many people.
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  5. Redbeaver

    Redbeaver The Other Red Meat

    15 Feb 2006
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    people r so harsh lol

    just wanna throw it in there... graphic is gorgeous...

    i got this game free when i bought Q6600 recently, and it was BEAUTIFUL!!

    the cutscene, the action, the ... stuff!!!

    that being said, i agree, gameplay is somewhat lacking... (found myself swearing coz the guy doesn do/go where i want him to)
    story is somewhat lame...wait.. make that... it IS lame... lol but i still watched all the cutscene anyway.... did i say its beautiful?

    but its fun. shoot, explodes, burst, and more shoot... and more explodes... its fun. really.

    and the graphic... luv watchign how my guy stumble when he jumps over, fall over, got knocked down... extremely fluid animation and realistic actions... well, not REAL real, but yknow what i mean... physics is great.

    overall, my point is, its a great run-n-gun action game thats definitely fun to play. in other word.s.. run-n-gun-fun. :D

    would i buy it? no.
    will i keep playing it? hell yeah.

    just tossing my 2c in there :)
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