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TV Shows LOST Season 6

Discussion in 'General' started by AshT, 2 Feb 2010.


Will the Lost writers be able to wrap it up properly?

  1. No, they'll screw it up and they won't answer half the questions they scattered about

    22 vote(s)
  2. Yes, it'll be great - the questions will be answered because they have had time to do think about it

    6 vote(s)
  3. Yes it'll be great, but no, the ending will suck / be brilliant in equal measures as it won't answer

    26 vote(s)
  1. gcwebbyuk

    gcwebbyuk Dib Dabbler

    16 Feb 2010
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    I think I am totally missing the plot.

    My understanding (I admit, I was half asleep), was that they all actually died when the original plane crashed, and the island was "the place where they created" as a kind of "god's waiting room".
  2. GreatOldOne

    GreatOldOne Wannabe Martian

    29 Jan 2002
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    No - Christian Shepard confirmed to his son, Jack that 'Everything that happened, happened'. So the crash, the survivors, Russo, the others, the hatch and all the Dharma stuff was real.

    My intial thought was the flash sideways was in Jack's head, as he was dying. What apparently (according to people on the show) was supposed to be happening is that the flash sideways themselves is 'gods waiting room / limbo'

    Everyone in the flash sideways was waiting for the people they cared for the most, so they could remember together what happened, before they moved on together. Hence the 'shared moments' of many of the cast before meeting up in the church. For example - Claire and Charlie.

    It was intimated that not everyone died at the same time - think about what Hurley said to Ben - "You where a hell of a No. 2" to which Ben replies - "You where a hell of a No. 1", which would mean that they lived for a fair amount of time on the island. You wouldn't say that to someone if you'd just been together for a couple of days. Going back to Claire and Charlie, Charlie had been dead for some time when he warned Des about the freighter, Yet Claire made it off the island with Kate and the others.

    Ben didn't go into the church and "move on" as he still hasn't found his soul mate / hadn't forgiven himself. I guess his redemption will be with Russo and Alex at some point.
  3. LeMaltor

    LeMaltor >^_^

    3 Oct 2003
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    Well that was stupid, there are so many questions unanswered........

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