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News Lucasarts: 'We haven't always made good games'

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by CardJoe, 2 Jun 2011.

  1. johnnyboy700

    johnnyboy700 Active Member

    27 May 2007
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    I'm currently replaying Jedi Outcast, I'd forgotten how much fun it is - still haven't came up against any of the reborn yet so I fuly expect my first lightabre duel to go badly wrong.

    X-Wing was so well done I loved playing that with my hotas joystick & throttle combo, it might even be worth digging the old kit out again and eduring the titanic struggle it will be to get it up and running with a modern O/S and hardware.
    Tie Fighter was genius, sometimes being bad can be soooo good. Has anyone tried geting either X-Wing or TF running on modern kit?
  2. kornedbeefy

    kornedbeefy New Member

    1 Sep 2009
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    I'd pay $100 for a new Jedi Knight game developed exclusively for PC. We had so much fun with them at LAN parties. MUST include dedicated servers and LAN play. After that they can dumb it down for consoles. Same goes for the space combat games Tie Fighter etc.

    The market is in sore need of companies like the 90s Lucasarts. Not current companies like Activision who wants to nickel and dime (MW3 rumor of subsriptioned multiplayer and no dedicated severs AGAIN) you while in the same instant remove features many gamers still want.

    If you want some space combat action Freespace 2 to has a very nice mod that brings it into the 2000s.

    I think this is the right link http://scp.indiegames.us/
  3. Tangster

    Tangster Butt-kicking for goodness!

    23 May 2009
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    Just for general interest, I've had no problems with X-wing alliance running on Windows 7.(YES!)
  4. Xir

    Xir Well-Known Member

    26 Apr 2006
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    Ah, the death of the spacesim...Why!!!!!!!

    Also +1 for KOTOR
  5. kzinti1

    kzinti1 New Member

    13 Apr 2010
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    Lucasarts: 'We haven't always made good games'

    Rather nice of them to be so humble.
    I haven't heard such a blatant understatement in quite a while!
  6. willywils

    willywils New Member

    1 Sep 2011
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    So X-Wing was the game that catapulted me from being a casual take it or leave it gamer into a "I need to game now" gamer. It's that simple. Started with a Spectrum 128k, Commodore 64 (with the separate tape deck), Amiga 500 and then into the console ghetto. But after playing X-Wing on a friends dads PC one summer holiday...my life flipped and washing cars for pocket money went out with the bucket soapy water. I was broke but I didn't care as I could cruise the galaxy far far away in an A-wing, X-wing or a gunship Y-wing!

    Not owning a PC, after X-Wing I went back to my casual gaming but was left with a hollow feeling like a Mojito with no mint. That was over 15 years ago now and after the years passed of beautiful gaming, Golden eye, GT, next gen consoles, online gaming, GTA, COD & Uncharted to name a mere few. Above all this, I still long for the simple, outer space, screeching tie fighters, red blue lasers, missiles & deflector shield cocktail that this game delivered. The weird thing is I don't even play sci-fi games. Monsters, zombies & aliens are all cold water for my gaming chubbie. And I'm not even crazy about the whole Star Wars thing either. I just want this game back.

    Please everyone and anyone who sees this, be you town cryer, pet shop worker who bags fish or burger flipper John Smithson. Please copy and paste and post to any blog that you think might get the ragged short attention of some developer whos thinking what the next big seller will be. Drink some Tiger blood and remake X-Wing for consoles at least! Winning! How much money would it make?...lots. DLC options would be huge! Online could be epic. Why hasn't anyone done this already!? Can anyone tell me that? Or am I alone in this bubble of white stars and hyperspace laced infinity.

    I am on a mission to see this game remade for PC & consoles and I may even put pen to paper to see if Lucas Arts can give me a simple explanation just to get some furniture for the empty room in my brain that says X-Wing on the door. It's been empty so long that the current games are merely the squatters next door.

    End of rant. Thanks for reading.
  7. rogerrabbits

    rogerrabbits New Member

    24 May 2011
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    There are still some good ones. The biggest budget being the X series, and there is a new one due early next year called X: Rebirth.
  8. David164v8

    David164v8 Member

    29 Aug 2011
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