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Development Making Dashboard Widgets - OSX

Discussion in 'Software' started by OneSeventeen, 31 May 2006.

  1. OneSeventeen

    OneSeventeen Oooh Shiny!

    3 Apr 2002
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    I'm trying to make a dashboard widget, and when I save it and view it in safari, it looks exactly like I want it to (a PNG with the words "Hello World" on top). When I save it as a .wdgt and launch it, it adds the shiny icon in my dashboard, and it shows up as an available widget.

    When I click on it to add it to my dashboard, it plops the PNG down, sending wavy ripples across my desktop (but without the "Hello World") then quickly disappears, never to be seen again. (did it sink to the bottom of the pond?)

    Any ideas?

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