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Cooling mCubed BigNG issue

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by logan'srun, 6 Sep 2015.

  1. logan'srun

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    22 Apr 2008
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    Been a long time since I posted, but mad lurker. . .

    I'm having issues with my BigNG set up to where it is automatically shutting down within 45secs-2mins of start up. I believe that I have experienced an electrical surge that may have shorted a component.

    I'm running a BigNG into an mCubed Analogue extension with 4 digital sensors,3 analogue sensors, pump control and 4 fans. The fans all work, but my feelings are that there is some kind of disconnect between the readings and the fans that triggers the shut off. I believe this because I was able to run the computer for 20 mins and was in the T-Balancer program and trying to adjust the fans. I could see that the fans going to my 240 radiator were barely turning and I switched over to manual mode and cranked all fans to 100%. Even then it seemed like little juice was getting to the upper (240 rad) fans, but the exhaust fan and the single radiator fan all worked fine.

    What is happening is that there is a long beep followed by the shutdown. I'm unable to find what triggers this, as the pump and all fans are working properly. According to the manual, the long beep means "Critical Temperature reached"

    Is there a way to flash the memory and try a refresh on the BigNG? Would that work? Or is there another issue that is causing the shut downs?

    I've had to re-route all the fans and the pump back into the MB to be able to run the computer, and I've disconnected the BigNG.

    Any suggestions as to what I can do or what I should do next?

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