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HTPC Media Centre graphics Card

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by GavX, 18 Jun 2008.

  1. GavX

    GavX New Member

    5 Apr 2008
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    Well I have almost got everything sorted on my new build. I am going for a 780G based motherboard to go with my old X2 processor, and I have a gig of RAM kicking about. I was going to use my 6600GT with a Zalman cooler, but the S-Video out seems odd, doesn't seem to match up with the scart to s-video/phono or even the S-Video out on my 7900GS/8800GTS. I was looking to either use the onboard graphics somehow (as it will be going to a CRT Sony TV, no DVI or anything fancy) or use a low cost graphics card. First question is can onboard graphics somehow display an image on an old CRT tv? Failing that, what is the best low cost media cetre graphics card going? I was thinkinig about the hybrid crossfire, as though I wont be gaming on this, Blu Ray might crop onto it in a year or so. Any help very appreciated.
  2. imkeller

    imkeller New Member

    8 Aug 2006
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    If the motherboard has S-Video out then it can, but if it's VGA you will need an adapter. I don't think you can get a DVI to S-Video adapter. You plug the S-Video into the yellow bit of your tv's composite input and it should work, but bare in mind you have to lower the resolution to your TV's max resolution or nothing will display.
  3. Gareth Halfacree

    Gareth Halfacree WIIGII! Staff Administrator Super Moderator Moderator

    4 Dec 2007
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    S-Video needs to go into an S-Video socket. It's a mini-DIN, and looks rather similar to a PS/2 socket. You can get adaptors that convert S-Video into composite, if that's what you mean.

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