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News Microsoft all-but quits the mobile market

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Gareth Halfacree, 26 May 2016.

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    24 Jul 2009
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    I think It's fine.
    Apple and Samsung make terribly overpriced phones, but their marketing is huge, so sales are good.
    HTC have great build quality and I think Sense is the best Android 'skin' but the fact that they make stupid decisions and actively go against feedback from fans/owners means I have walked away from them. Motorola have the cheap and small market pretty much sewn up with the Moto G.
    OnePlus have made a pretty big impact in the two years they have been out, although the OP2 was a let down, The OPO and OPX have proved decent.
    LG need to utilize some buzz to get sales as their models have great reviews and people seem to love their devices.
    Sony have a reputation for being a bit "meh". Most people I know with Sony phones say "It's OK, but i'm going to get [name of another phone] when it's released / contract expires.
    As well as Xaomi you also have Huawei, Meizu, ASUS and Lenovo making decent phones.

    I think the market is changing, phones seem to have hit a limit to how good most people need them to be, my OnePlus One is two years old, but it still works, runs everything fine and the battery still lasts me over a day. Putting it against the new Samsung S7 Edge I was taken aback at just how well my phone has held up. I remember my HTC One X becoming old 9-12 months in, although I will say at 5 years old the screen is still in perfect condition and that with 3 years of abuse by my under 8 and no protector.

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