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News Microsoft bumps Timeline from Windows 10 Redstone 3

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by bit-tech, 4 Jul 2017.

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    12 Mar 2001
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    2 Oct 2005
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    Oh goodie, log in works again. I thought is was still busted from all the '0 comment' indicators.

    But anyway, on the topic of MS, I just can't get excited about anything W10 due to the general icky spy smell coming from it, but I don't know how widespread that feeling is though since I see people be enthusiastic about W10 sometimes, but then you are reminded of big companies hiring people to write positive messages and you are back at wondering if there really is a percentage that is so positive about W10. I mean I can see some people go 'meh, I'll live with it', but enthusiasm? I don't know how much of that there really is.
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