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News Microsoft complies to EU demands

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Tim S, 23 Oct 2007.

  1. Tim S

    Tim S OG

    8 Nov 2001
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  2. Anakha

    Anakha Minimodder

    6 Sep 2002
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    I never "Grokked" the need for XP N. After all, who's buying it? And while it is true that XP has Media Player in it (As has every version of Windows since 3.0!), there is absolutely nothing stopping you installing a different player and using that instead (Winamp, iTunes, Foobar2000, MPC, QuickTime, Real, I could go on...). What next, Adobe suing because Microsoft includes Paint? oo_O suing because Wordpad is included? DOpus suing because Explorer is included?

    TBH, I think the RealPlayer suit was totally without merit. They wanted a regulatory way to support their failing sales, because the free competition (WMP/Windows Streaming Services) was (and still is) better than their pay-for product (RealPlayer Gold/RealServer G2).

    It would have been pretty stupid for MS to have released Win95 with the Weezer and GoodTimes videos on the CD without a way to play them. And it is pretty stupid to demand a company remove something that's always been a part of the OS (Like I said, since Windows 3.0, possibly earlier).

    Just IMHO, but there it is.
  3. DXR_13KE

    DXR_13KE BananaModder

    14 Sep 2005
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    why does linux and osx come with media player and no one sues them? LOL
  4. UncertainGod

    UncertainGod Minimodder

    18 Oct 2007
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    Linux doesn't, the distro's do. Besides they normally come with quite a few you can choose from. As for OSX, well apple are next in the cross hairs of the EU.

    I'm surprised M$ have given up so soon, and this isn't really the court case that should have hurt them. It's a complete joke that they get let off for unfair competition practices but get caught for bloody media player.
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