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News Microsoft starts 'Vista Ready' programme

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Tim S, 3 Apr 2006.

  1. yahooadam

    yahooadam <span style="color:#f00;font-weight:bold">Ultra cs

    21 Mar 2006
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    its a load of crap

    users down the line will think their pc is "vista ready"

    but it will only run the XP (pretty much) version of vista

    without the media functionality, and the transparent stuff, it is just the "basic" version, which is basicly XP+

    and then people will get pissed off cos their "vista ready" PC wont run a decent copy of vista
  2. allforcarrie

    allforcarrie Banned

    22 Jul 2005
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    I had a copy of vist installed for about a 1/2 hour before i reformated. If you like vista, you should check out he nevest version of KDE or Gnome for linux.
  3. DXR_13KE

    DXR_13KE BananaModder

    14 Sep 2005
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    IF linux had suport for all games and most of the software that is used in windows, windows would be now lost in the trash.

    UT2004 has linux suport i think.
  4. MightyMouse

    MightyMouse New Member

    21 Mar 2005
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    I definantly wont buy Vista if it doesnt offer me something that XP doesnt, and I don't mean moronic glass efects. I want something that'll let me use my computer for what I want it to be used for in a fast and effective way.

    I dont think an OS that will outdate prettymuch all computers around is the way to go for MS. Although I'm sure that a year after it's released you'r gonna see a lot of Vista around ofcourse. But I realy doubt you'r gonna see the huge differance from XP to Vista, the way you did when XP came around.

    Anyway, if it's not any better I'm sure that (mostly) anyone whith enough computer know how / interest to read this forum will simply let all the other pople have their "bragging rights"
  5. DriftCarl

    DriftCarl Member

    2 Nov 2004
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    we have a vista not ready laptop running the latest vista build, its a 1 gig C600 with 256 meg of ram and runs like a dog, XP runs pritty well on them and runs faster and better than windows 98 did on it. It seems like vista is taking a step backwards. I certainly dont need all these fancy features, and the new interfaces just seem pointless, even though they say that its better.

    There is probably a reason why XP has lasted so long without a successor. because despite the bugs and security flaws, XP is actually a pritty good product. Unfortunatly nearly every windows machine is now a flavor of XP and therefor microsoft are not making as much money so they need to invent this new vista to try and convince us to upgrade to that. well erm no thanks, as long as XP isnt preventing me from doing stuff I think I will stick with it for a few years yet.
  6. yahooadam

    yahooadam <span style="color:#f00;font-weight:bold">Ultra cs

    21 Mar 2006
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    thats where they will get you

    new products will "need" vista to run (or run well)

    2k has lasted so long beacause most XP products run on 2k
  7. Kaze22

    Kaze22 New Member

    3 Dec 2005
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    :eyebrow: ???? English please

    Well at least I can read this... barely.

    OK You wanna know what Vista's got? Here bare in mind there's a lot more.

    Deployment/Servicing: EFI support
    Deployment/Servicing: Monad
    Deployment/Servicing: Faster Installation
    Deployment/Servicing: ClickOnce
    Filesystem: Transactional File Transfers
    Filesystem: File Virtualization
    Hardware: External Memory Management USB Nand SuperFetching
    Hardware: External LCD interaction without main OS
    Hardware: Microphone Arrays
    Hardware: Advanced Touch-screen support
    Hardware: Hybrid Hard-drive support
    Hardware: Stealth Modding
    Interface: Faster Search Engine
    Interface: Start Menu Program Searching
    Interface: Virtual Folders
    Interface: Word Document Thumbnails Expandable Preview
    Interface: Excel Document Thumbnails Expandable Preview
    Interface: RAW Image Thumbnails Expandable Preview
    Interface: Avalon
    Interface: Theming Unlocked
    Interface: Native RSS Support
    Interface: Aero Glass + Others
    Internet: Indigo
    Internet Explorer: IE 7 native except in Europe
    Kernel: Improved Hardware Scalability
    Kernel: Application Resource Management
    Kernel: Graphics Display Driver Model Improvements GPU doing UI
    Kernel: TCP/IP Offloading
    Maintenance: Windows Assessment Tool
    GFX: DX 10 "Exclusive"
    Registry: Transactional Registry Handling
    Registry: Registry Virtualization
    Security: full-volume encryption
    Security: Full NX (No Execute) Support
    Security: Least-privilege User Access
    Security: Protected Administrator
    Security: Secure Startup
    Security: Optional Automation of Anti-Virus Subscription Renewals.
    Security: Proactive Firewall
    Miscellaneous: Instant On via Hybrid Drive System
    Media: Win Media Player 11 "Except Europe"
    Networking: Castle
    Security: Parental controls
    Deployment/Servicing: Error Data Transmission
    Interface: Device Manager Improvements
    Deployment/Servicing: Driver Protection/Forced Driver Signing
    Interface: Help and Support Headlines
    Deployment/Servicing: Language Independence

    All that plus Vista will be the first mainstream OS to push consumer computing into the 64bit frontier.
    Looks like it's a little more than just some glassy windows.
    Last edited: 5 Apr 2006
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