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News Microsoft takes major loss on Surface tablets

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Gareth Halfacree, 31 Jul 2013.

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    Technically it wouldn't be a Surface RT because it would run full-fat Windows 8. But basically something with the performance, battery life, size and weight of a Surface RT but running on an Atom CPU. Then you could simply differentiate between the Surface LT (Light) and the high-performance, shorter battery life Surface Pro.

    I would do that. It would totally sell. You'd get the app ecosystem to follow suit, and over time publishers would gradually move from Win32 to the more touch-friendly WinRT framework anyway, but you wouldn't sacrifice legacy compatibility.

    Then I'd focus on merging Windows RT with WP8 --which eventually would bridge to Windows 8 when x68 has caught up sufficiently in the smartphone market.

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