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Linux Minecraft Server Plugins

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by lp rob1, 5 May 2011.

  1. lp rob1

    lp rob1 New Member

    14 Jun 2010
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    OK, I am running a small Minecraft server for me and my friend to use, but I need help choosing some plugins. I use Bukkit and have the following plugins installed already: Permissions, Essentials, LWC, BigBrother, mcMMO, HeroicDeath, iChat and SimpleWarp.

    Now, I need a backup plugin because the last time the server was up Windows BSODed, then the region files got corrupted and I had to delete the world. :( A plugin to display help would be nice; I tried Help, but it spewed errors into the console and failed to work after I made some other changes. The Nether should be enabled by Essentials (I edited the .yml and added permissions). But the real question is, what other good plugins are there? When selecting those plugins above, I used XM's SMP server as a guide, but it was taken down and I don't spend time revising the plugins list.

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