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Case Mod - In Progress Mineral Oil Submerged Computer - The Final Pics - 12/12/08 - Finished

Discussion in 'Project Logs' started by OilPC, 15 Nov 2008.

  1. northan

    northan What's a Dremel?

    21 Sep 2010
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    oil system

    Thanks for the posting of your work.
    I would be keen to know how well its gone since then?
    I have thought about making a system like this, but Im the sort of person that doesnt like all the innards to be seen through glass. I thought an aluminium box would be great, that way it could also act as a thermal conductor to help disipate heat from the sides.
    If it also had fins the whole case could become one big heatsink.
    The Hardcore reactor is an inspiration too.
  2. Friedmk

    Friedmk What's a Dremel?

    1 Nov 2010
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    hey i read your thread carfeully, and i started to wonder if this system is still working after all that time. were there any problems with your oil? or is it still good?

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