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Notebooks mobile broadband connection options for my laptop (devices to connect)

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by RickDawson, 5 Jun 2008.

  1. RickDawson

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    29 Mar 2006
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    When I got my Laptop (Dell Vostro 1700), I didn't go for the option of getting a mobile broadband connection with it. It was a contract that would have been bundled. I knew I would not use it enough to justify the cost.
    The sim chip for it would have been integrated on a wwan card on the motherboard (accessible from a cover on the bottom of the laptop)
    so as I did not take the contract for the mobile broadband... The wwan card was not installed/supplied.
    I have looked on Dell's site and cannot find the wwan card to buy on it's own, without a contract. It's only available to buy with a contract.

    I would just like to buy a sim chip/card and PAYG for mobile broadband, and not have the ongoing costs for something that I would probably only use during one week per year.

    If I could get a wwan card for my laptop, then it would be the best way to go...

    the alternative is to get a usb modem/dongle/stick, but it is something extra to carry around, and will need to be connected each time to use it, rather than the wwan card always being connected to the laptop.

    would it be worth contacting Dell direct and asking for one without a contract?

    or will I have to get a USB device?

    any other options?

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