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Modding Mod of the Month - May 2008

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Tim S, 31 May 2008.


Who should win Mod of the Month May 2008?

Poll closed 15 Jun 2008.
  1. HEPHÆSTUS by Yemerich

  2. Tiny HTPC by ichessblumen

  3. Claudia Unit by Filimon

  4. GraniteCase by pieterveenstra

  5. L3 by ModimusPrime

  1. E.E.L. Ambiense

    E.E.L. Ambiense Acrylic Heretic

    26 Jul 2007
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    Absolutely. That would make things easier for the people with short attention-spans that do not feel it necessary to spend a few minutes to read a bloody worklog. That gets under my skin. Read the damn logs, ya buncha noobs! :p

    Someone's case which was just started, so it's not too far along against a spit-and-polished beaut of a finished case does seem unfair.

    Finished against finished would make sense. I also kind of wish there were MOD of the Month as well as a SCRATCH-BUILD of the Month competitions, because technically a scratch-build isn't a "mod", as in modification of a stock product. But I digress.
  2. Tyinsar

    Tyinsar 6 screens 1 card since Nov 17 2007

    26 Jul 2006
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    Also agreed - I've seen a few mods that started out looking like they'd be great but ...., and others that looked only OK turned out to be awesome by the time they were done.

    As for splitting mods and scratch builds; I would like that but it might be trickier than it sounds: there are quite a few mods that straddle both categories. It's been pointed out that we have only one true "mod" in this contest (L3 by ModimusPrime) and I agree true but what if pieterveenstra had glued his granite to an existing case? - would it then be a "true mod" too? - It wouldn't look any different from the outside.

    Perhaps we need another thread in which to discuss such a split?
  3. Attila

    Attila still thinking....

    22 Feb 2008
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    This would add to complexity., also I've seen plenty of case "mods" that can hold their own against any "scratch build".
    But I think a side benefit of having only finished cases in the MOTM is that if you look over the past couple of months
    there is seldom more than a handful of completed cases every month, so this means that virtually all mods can be included
    in the comp.Let the readers sort out the best cases instead of a handful of Bit-Tech staff.
  4. cleantomac

    cleantomac ;)

    11 Jun 2008
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    HEPHÆSTUS by Yemerich
    e os brazuca aki :clap:
    erick vc manda bem d+ mano
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