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Modding [Mod] Western Digital My Book Essential

Discussion in 'Modding' started by Jollemj, 28 Feb 2009.

  1. Jollemj

    Jollemj New Member

    5 Oct 2008
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    Heya, this is first mod I've ever done and I'm looking forward at doing something more complex than this simple thing.

    Hmm, I guess that this should be in modding and not in Project logs, or if this can be put in Project Logs can some nice moderator please move it :blush:

    Been surfing Bit-tech for rather a long time and always wanted to do a mod, so now I shall =)
    I have a bigger mod in progress (will post it in maybe a month).
    Me and my friend sat down and started looking at his WD My Book and he said that he wanted me to mod it, so we discussed and came up to the simple idea to just put mods in those morse code holes.

    Here We Go:

    Forgot to take a before pic, but here it is opened.

    Only four LEDs and two resistors, well...he said that he didn't want it to be to bright...or else it would have been six or eight LEDs ;)

    The empty "Shell" haha

    It's me "soldering" of the wire from the 5V line :lol:
    Me likes teh smoooke :D

    The extra wires soldered on. And "safed" with some electrical tape, you will see alot of electrical tape because I don't have heatshrink tubing.

    Here's the owner of the My Book screwing on the harddrive and....stuff....:worried: to the case and later on I shall...tape...:hehe: the LEDs onto this, well here it goes with the tape again...well, this time it's because my hot glue gun broke a couple of weeks back :waah:

    All screwed on :)
    You also see that I didn't have any colored wiring (well I had blue but didn't use it...dummy me) so well...I taped on a plus and minus sign ;)

    Just me attaching some wires and LEDs, you can see some electrical tape on the HDD now xD

    Well, all wiring and taping done, I tested it before i taped it on...but forgot to take pictures :wallbash:

    But well...I have two nightshots :p

    Last pic :D

    Well it glows really weak but thats what he wanted :p

    The case was really tight at the top so it was hard getting light there, but I managed :p

    So what do you modding gods think? :hehe:

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