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Modding Modding GPU Shroud

Discussion in 'Modding' started by angelus, 22 Oct 2012.

  1. angelus

    angelus New Member

    24 Oct 2011
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    Hey All,
    I want to change the shrouding colour on my GPU so it better matches the colour of the Motherboard I want.

    Here is an Idea of what I want to do.

    Note the added yellow stripe on the side. I need to know if this is a bad idea and what paints, sand papers, and or fillers you'd recommend or if anything I want to try would be too difficult.

    Please note I dont intend to touch the heatsink pipes or anything like that.
  2. Mcbeer

    Mcbeer New Member

    30 Apr 2012
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    As far as i know, you can screw the plastic part off, so it's easier to work with.

    If you want to paint it, you will need some very fine grain wet/dry papers. My father in law (whom is a car painter (for a lack of better words)) uses anything from 600-3000 grain. Depending how shiny you want it, you move up in grains (3000 is mirror like finish).

    Regarding paint i would just use a normal spray paint for plastics, since the plastic shield in this case does not help carry heat in any way. I tend to use Plasti-Kote (the new version,with better spray), mostly because it's easily available for me, but i believe any brand is good.

    Regarding filler i have never really used it, so i can't recommend anything good, and in my experience, whenever i see someone use some brand of filler on here, i can't find it in my area, so just go with anything :)

  3. Vetalar

    Vetalar *learning english*

    21 Jun 2011
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    remove shroud from card. remove fans (or cover with mask tape).
    use filler - "automotive" is good. any brand You can get.
    sand all shroud 600>1000>(1200)
    apply 2-3 layers of primer (plastic compatible), sand (1000-1200) after each layer dry.
    apply 2-3 layers of yellow spray paint (plastic compatible) at desirable locations, sand (1600-2500) after each layer dry.
    cover yellow spots with mask tape
    apply 3-4 layers of black spray paint (plastic compatible), sand (1600-2500) after each layer dry.
    remove mask tape from yellow spots
    apply 2-3 layers of transparent lacquer (plastic compatible), sand (2500) after each layer dry.
    this way You get even color of all shroud and nice finish.
    of course at well ventilated place. outdoors ideally.
  4. Ace_finland

    Ace_finland Member

    11 Aug 2012
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    After painting a few cars i would not recommend finer than 800 (600-800 grit) before painting. Just my opinion though

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