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Displays Monitors and setup Recommendations

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Promethus, 16 Jul 2015.

  1. Promethus

    Promethus What's a Dremel?

    2 Nov 2008
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    I am looking to upgrade my setup that I use where I live at work, replacing my single old 26” TV with two 24-25” monitors. I have very limited space where I stay, and I was originally considering having the monitors mounted side by side, but after taking some measurements, I think that that is going to take up too much space, and so I am now looking at mounting one monitor above the other.
    First off is it possible to use two monitors at the same time, one used for playing a game (in full screen), and the second for MediaPortal, watching videos/TV and web browsing running from one GTX670?

    I am looking for two, £150 - £250 each
    Resolution, 2560x1440, would be nice, but I think 1920x1080 would be more realistic and practical.
    Able to accept input from both PC and PS3
    Speakers; I am undecided about this, I currently use a pair of Creative Labs T40’s for TV & Videos, and a pair of Astro A40’s for gaming.
    They need to have a VESA mount.
    They need to have good viewing angles, particularly from below; I usually sit or lay on my bed, as I have no space for a chair.

    I have seen a couple of Dell monitors U2412M and U2515H, one is at the lower end of the budget, and the other is at the higher end.

    I am also looking for a stand. My desk is an aluminium camping table, so I cannot use the monitor arms that clamp onto the edge of the desk; I also have very little space, and so would like a floor mounted monitor stand. Unfortunately all I have been able to find so far is presentation stands, which are far too big, and expensive for my needs.

    Any suggested products/solutions would be appreciated.

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