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TVs Monitors for home hotdesk

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by slambittech, 24 Dec 2020.

  1. slambittech

    slambittech Minimodder

    17 Oct 2009
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    Needing a monitor for home office/media for all of us in the house.

    I am beginning to think hotdesk at home is the way to go so all in the house can use.
    I use a pixel slate tablet and also a dell work laptop, misses uses samsung s7+ tablet. Currently we use a AOC 27inch monitor but we would like to upgrade.

    Maybe something as big as 34inch.

    Ideally the monitor will be 34inch, IPS, 4k and bright as well as use above 100hz if possible or anywhere near.

    We do not game, we use it for work and social.
    General use; media comsumption we watch netflix, youtube, read websites listening to spotify.
    Besides that we look and edit at photos.

    Any recommendations please.
    Budget of £700, ideally no more than £500.

    Was looking at the Acer Nitro XV340CKP 34inch Ultrawide Gaming Monitor at £500 on sale at amazon, however looking at reviews people are saying it doesn't get bright enough and the colours are not Vibrant enough so that has been the deal breaker for me.

  2. andrew8200m

    andrew8200m Modder

    4 May 2009
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    I find you can't really go wrong with a quality dell IPS from the U or P ranges.

    You may be wanting 100hz at 4K but you will need to ensure that you can run 100hz 4k externally from the devices mentioned. Just because they offer the refresh rate natively doesn't mean they do so via the connectivity port.

    Most gaming laptops for example even with 2080s will use an Intel UHD graphics too. The native GPU is the Intel unit with the Nvidia unit running in proxy to via the lowest parameters offered by either device. 2080s can run 8k60 for example but you won't get higher than 4k60 even with TB3 out as thats the limitation of the UHD by intel.

    A quality ultra wide may be the highest resolution you can run at 100hz plus but without checking I couldn't confirm this.

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