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Peripherals Mouse double clicking

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by Thedarkrage, 22 Dec 2012.

  1. Thedarkrage

    Thedarkrage Thats not a pic of me its my gf

    11 Mar 2008
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    Right lads i have been having mouse problems, mouse double clicking problems to be exact.
    Ok first i have the R.A.T 7 and i also have a generic trust mouse just a cheep one i got for the girlfriends lap top.
    Now at first i noticed it in dayz when selecting things in menus i would fire a round after i had selected it i thought it was the game but it then started doing it when opening up 2 windows or closing more tabs then i wanted you get the point. The strange thing is even the trust mouse is doing it! i used the cyborg profile editor to record the mice and it shows that i am getting multiple clicks. so what i want to know is it software? or usb drivers or windows (happens in 7 and 8) or are they both ****ed?
  2. riekmaharg2

    riekmaharg2 has started the PowerCore scratch build

    22 Feb 2009
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    This is a very strange problem, am I right in assuming both windows versions are on separate partitions and not a virtual pc enviroment?
  3. sourdough

    sourdough Minimodder

    17 Sep 2010
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    If it was just the one mouse it would almost certainly be the culprit but two mice doing the same thing, hard to tell. I had this problem a few months ago when I was using an old ifeel mouse and I started to buy double items when I was playing an rpg. I have since bought a new one and the problem has gone away.

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