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Films Movie rant

Discussion in 'General' started by dave_salmon, 6 Jan 2010.

  1. dave_salmon

    dave_salmon What's a Dremel?

    24 Jun 2009
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    So i decided to watch John Carpenters "The Thing" which led me to have a look-see at some films mentioned in the small snippet of audio commentary i accidentally listened to and i stumbled across yet more reason to completely loose faith in the modern movie industry.

    (I looked up "Prince of Darkness" and the other film in Carpenters "Apocalypse trilogy" that I can't remember the name of and it led me to look in to what's on the horizon)

    Firstly, I found an article my bones tell me to believe quoting John Carpenter as follows:

    Found here: http://www.moviesonline.ca/movienews_5907.html

    I know it's on the back water of the internet but that's exactly the kind of **** I'd expect to come from the mouth of a Universal exec. Absolutely disgusting that a movie as good as The Thing can be left to linger like that.

    The second appalling piece of gash I stumbled on was the up-coming movie "Predators". Knowing that if it is related to the alien hunter and co "Predator" and It's a new movie it's most likely going to be directed by Uwe Boll and is going to be utter spooge. So I look in to it and find that, although my assumption that it's going to be a pile of gash is well founded, there is a much bigger kick in the nuts coming in the form of the leading "man" and the film it's self.

    The film is a "reboot" (what?) of the original "Predator" which I'm assuming means a remake or re-doing of the original. AND the Leading "man" is non-other than: Topher Grace

    Disgusted is what I am when i find my cat has left a "present" in my shoes - After reading this I can't summon the words to describe my anger and nerd rage at these fools who run the movie industry.

    Goddamn shame. Transformers was gash. Spiderman was gash. AVP was gash.

    Whats next? Are they going to have the most recent Hollyoaks director remake Black Hawk Down?

    Thoughts? Feelings? Opinions?

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