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News MS begins work on next Xbox

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by CardJoe, 8 Mar 2011.

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    You're greatly overly simplifying it. If coding was that easy, every title would be a triple A game without bugs. Plus you're assuming that you want build in potential upgrades - at extra cost - on an already loss leading price for your console. The aim of a console is to be designed as physically cheap as they can possibly be made without failing, then make the money on the games.
  2. chrismarkham1982

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    1 Apr 2010
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    i resent that statement!!!!!! lol in all seriousness i totally agree with you, im the only person in my group of friends that actually knows what a sodimm is, although when we knew about the 360 being in development i also called for there to be some upgrade ability but, having thought about it, the idea is bit over the top as someone stated above about developers knowing they are developing for one piece of hardware and not many thousands of different hardware setups.
    I would like to see microsoft allow us to use our own peripherals though and in that i mean allowing us to exchange our hdd's for bigger hdd's, maybe use our own wireless adapter although i dare say the new console will most likely come with wifi built in like the slim, keyboard and mouse support.
  3. play_boy_2000

    play_boy_2000 It was funny when I was 12

    25 Mar 2004
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    Exactly my point. Skimp on the extra 2GB of shared main/gfx memory, save $20, sell as addon for $40 to enable extra features. Chaching!
    Modern PC games (ignoring crysis) seem to work on anything (albiet at laughable resolution) thats been manufactured since... well.... since the 360 was made half a decade ago, why can't consoles be the same?
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