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MSI Gaming App

Discussion in 'MSI UK' started by jewelie, 6 Feb 2016.

  1. jewelie

    jewelie Ancient geek, newbie to BT

    3 Jun 2015
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    Hi guys

    I've got a very odd problem with the MSI Gaming App (v5.0.0.25) with an MSI Gaming GTX 960 2Gb Twin Frozer (nice card - I didn't intend intend to build quite such a quiet bedroom PC but that's what I've got! :) )

    I do most stuff on my computer as a non-admin user. I installed the gaming app as an admin user, and I'm sure it *was* working on boot under the non-admin user as I was using to do the factory OC mode on boot.

    Now the wretched thing doesn't appear to start up any more under that user. If I try to start it manually, nothing seems to happen. It works under admin user. I've uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail.

    Any clues?

  2. noizdaemon666

    noizdaemon666 I'm Od, Therefore I Pwn

    15 Jun 2010
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    Have you tried running it as an administrator user within the non admin account (right click shortcut, run as admin)?

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