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Graphics MSI GeForce GTX 560 Ti HAWK

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by ICISAZEL, 18 Nov 2011.

  1. IvanIvanovich

    IvanIvanovich будет глотать вашу душу.

    31 Aug 2008
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    I have an evga 560ti with the reference cooler, and idle is around 35c (55mhz core / 135mhz mem), load around 65c (900mhz core / 2050mhz mem) ambient is probably around 26c. Fan spins up to no more than 50%. I also have no other additional cooling since my 'case' is an open air design.
    Sad that a reference cooler is doing better, there has to be something wrong with it.

    ICISAZEL New Member

    23 May 2010
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    i don't have the card presently so am unable to verify i am afraid. is there a known issue with some of the cards then ? the fans did drop down as i could here them and it idled at 37 oC not sure if core clock dropped i am afraid.. disheartened as its a brand new build under a month old.. everything else seems fine
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