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News MSI launches N460GTX Hawk "Talon Attack"

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by julieb, 4 Oct 2010.

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    17 Aug 2010
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    No tweaking to GTX 460 or 480. It is just about time to slap two GTX 460 on one PCB and give GTX480 a run for the money. It will be an ultimate gaming VGA for a reasonably long time (with a good price), and it will occupy only one PCI-Ex x16/x8 slot. SLI/CF is waste of time and slots because if you play on 1 standard monitor with resolutions up to 2xxx * 1xxx pixels it doesn't matter if you running SLI/CF in two x16 slots, two x4 slots or a mix of x16/8/4. Bandwidth is equally saturated with x4, x8 or x16 slot. But with 2 GPUs on one card there will be actually need to use at least x8 slot. For a VGA to saturate x16 slot with data, we will wait a long, long, LONG time, and now with PCI-Ex 3.0 just around the corner we will wait even longer.

    On the other hand RAID cards (proper ones with plenty of cache, 12-24 ports and fast ROC chip) do require x8 slot now and x16 soon. In particular when you team such controller with 16-24 SSDs in RAID 0/10 for Ludicrous Speed* transfer rates.

    * - excuse me that little interjection from Spaceballs
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