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News MSI layoffs rumoured

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Guest-16, 26 Nov 2009.

  1. Guest-16

    Guest-16 Guest

  2. Digi

    Digi The not-so-funny Cockney

    23 Nov 2009
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    It's quite clear that no institution is out of the woods completely and the recovery will be slow especially for technology companies like MSI due to the nature of the items they sell. People have cut back on this kind of luxury expenditure especially so no surprise there.

    Having been fired 2 times over the last 1 and a half years though, I can fully sympathise with any that get the boot. If they are under-performers they probably know it already and that's a hard feeling to live with for a month before the axe falls. :(
  3. frojoe

    frojoe What's a Dremel?

    17 Dec 2008
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    Could be a coincidence, but it seems oddly human for the company to not fire anyone before Christmas. As Digi said, no ones in the clear yet, it will be a while before spending ramps back up.
  4. Cerberus90

    Cerberus90 Car Spannerer

    23 Apr 2009
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    I thought MSI had pulled out of the motherboard market.

    no wait, just remembered that was abit wasn't it.

    Sounds sensible though, removing under-achieving employees
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