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Mushkin Announces New HP-550 Power Supply

Discussion in 'Industry News' started by Tim S, 19 Jul 2006.

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    8 Nov 2001
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    Denver, CO, July 18, 2006- Mushkin Enhanced, a leading manufacturer in high-performance computer components, is proud to announce the addition of the HP-550 Power Supply to its power supply product lineup. "With the successful May launch of our XP-650 PSU into the enthusiast market, we were extremely eager to begin working on a high-quality, low cost PSU for the mainstream user," says Lee Groninger, Mushkin Sales and Marketing Director. "With great features and reliability being the main focal points of this PSU, we feel we have delivered a product that surpasses competitive offerings". In addition to numerous new memory products released in 2006 the Mushkin HP-550 power supply is just the latest in what will continue to be a big year for Mushkin Research and Development.

    550200- Mushkin HP-550 (550 watt) Power Supply

    The Mushkin HP-550 power supply is designed to offer the mainstream user quiet, stable and trouble-free operation for virtually any usage pattern. "The HP-550 provides a price/performance point that is highly competitive in today's PSU Market," says Brian Flood, Mushkin Research and Development Director, "With this unit we are able to attract a wider customer base without sacrificing the high level of quality Mushkin loyalists expect." The Mushkin HP-550, like its predecessor, includes Mushkin unique features such as RailFusion, Advanced Thermal & Acoustic Design, and VersaPlug. The Mushkin HP-550 power supply unit will be followed by a series of other high-performance power supplies.

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