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PSU My PSU went bang! Advice gratefully received

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Foiseworth, 6 Jan 2011.

  1. that_du^de

    that_du^de give your head a wobble

    29 Nov 2010
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    deders.....good heads up with the master/slave jumpers i forgot to say that(useing sata for to long.....) foiseworth if your drives are jumpered corectly the master drive goes at the end off the cable and slave on the middle port,or you can select "cable select" on both drives but the one on the end is still selected as master so i would put your boot drive on the end of the cable. is your internet still down? im on ntl/virgin and for the last 2-3 weeks ive had packet loss and 56k browsing speed thay tell me "its being worked on "
  2. Foiseworth

    Foiseworth Newbie

    6 Jan 2011
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    Thanks for the help deders and that_d^ude, I am unfortunately still firmly in the IDE world and have checked the jumper settings (both cable select), tried them in both ways round and unfortunately it has had no effect (also tried them in every other position).

    My virgin is now working, 'the cable fell out'...

    Would still recommend virgin though as its only broken once in 1 month and my speed is 100% of the 10Mb/s I'm paying for.

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