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Graphics My Watercooled QUAD SLI GTX 670 4GB Cards Powered with 2 PSU's **Benchmarks PG10**

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Guest-44432, 25 Feb 2013.

  1. phinix

    phinix RIP Waynio...

    28 Apr 2006
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    Witcher 2 should kill it:)
  2. Blogins

    Blogins Panda have Guns

    3 Aug 2010
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    GTX 670 SLI I get around 20FPS with 'Uber' on The Witcher 2 at 2560 by 1440 if memory serves correctly!
  3. Guest-44432

    Guest-44432 Guest

    Witcher 2 maxed out to the hilt! Uber settings.

    MSI Afterburner knocks nearly 40% of the FPS when recording...Unless I record at 720p and low quality...

    But Yep, it's a GPU killer alright!


  4. Guest-44432

    Guest-44432 Guest

    Rfactor 2560x1440 maxed out.

    Had to use Fraps to record the video as MSI Afterburner was making the game unplayable. So only 720p.

    Still, this game is not about the graphics, but the physic and how immense the game can be, especially when in the below vid with a 1644BHP Nissan skyline R34!

  5. Somer_Himpson

    Somer_Himpson What's a Dremel?

    22 Jan 2010
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    Great racing footage TG

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  6. Guest-44432

    Guest-44432 Guest

    Thanks! :D Although it looks easy to control, the car is a real beast to handle!:D

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